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Nod Support Class Crawler. This large flying unit is heavily armoured, and can deploy airborne units, and slowly charges Power Points, which are used to call in support powers, such as Eyes of the People and Vein detonation. Inable to retaliate from attacks in the early moments of the match, it can be upgraded to tier 2, which grants it two missile pods, and further to tier 3, which gives a repair radius when packed up, so that it can repair units in the vicinity without ever having to deploy. Because the crawler flies, it can quickly cross the battlefield, flying over terrain normal units cannot walk/drive over. When upgraded with the Mobile Stealth Generator, it is stealthed during flight, allowing it to be unseen by most units. This can be used tactically, by building units while flying, then suddely popping up to deploy 5 units, only to pack up, activate stealth, and fly away again. Alternatively, if the enemy lacks any stealth detection units in the area, a Teir 3 cloaked crawler can be set to hold fire and kept close to attacking units to provide constant repairs without fear of retaliation. The crawlers that are upgraded with Charged Capacitors are capable of recharging Power Point rapidly, so that devastating powers can be used more often.


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