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CNCTW Nod Construction Yard Cameo

The Construction Yard is the Brotherhood's core building in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


This slender, beautiful building serves a basic role - constructing other buildings and support structures as well as generating a minimal amount of power to help jumpstart construction.


Identical in function to the drone platform and the GDI construction yard. Selling a Construction Yard yields 1750 credits, a Saboteur, and a Militant Squad.


Icon Structures Requirements Role
CNCTW Nod Crane Cameo Crane none Poduction Support Structure
CNCTW Nod Power Plant Cameo Power plant none Power supply
CNCTW Nod Tiberium Refinery Cameo Tiberium refinery none Resource processor
CNCTW Hand of Nod Cameo Hand of Nod Power plant Infantry production
CNCTW Nod War Factory Cameo War Factory

Power plant
Tiberium refinery

Vehicle production
CNCTW Operations Center Cameo Operations Center

Power plant
Tiberium refinery

Technology enhancer
Support power provider

CNCTW Nod Tiberium Silo Cameo Tiberium silo Tiberium refinery Tiberium storage
CNCTW Secret Shrine Cameo Secret shrine Hand of Nod Infantry support structure
CNCTW Tech Lab Cameo Tech Lab Operations Center Technology Building
CNCTW Air Tower Cameo Air Tower Operations Center
Nod and MoK
Aircraft construction and maintenance
CNCTW Temple of Nod Cameo Temple of Nod Tech Lab Superweapon
CNCTW Tiberium Chemical Plant Cameo Tiberium chemical plant Tech Lab Support power provider
CNCKW Engineering Facility Cameo Redeemer engineering facility Tech Lab Advanced vehicle production structure
CNCKW Air Support Tower Cameo Air support tower Air Tower
Nod and MoK
Support airfield


Icon Structures Requirements Role
CNCTW Shredder Turret Cameo Shredder Turret Power plant Anti-infantry defense
CNCTW Laser Turret Cameo Laser turret Hand of Nod Anti-vehicle defense
CNCTW SAM Turret Cameo SAM turret Operations Center Defense support
CNCKW Voice of Kane Cameo Voice of Kane Operations Center Anti-aircraft defense
CNCTW Disruption Tower Cameo Disruption tower Secret shrine Cloaking Device
CNCTW Obelisk of Light Cameo Obelisk of Light Tech Lab Advanced anti-ground base defense
CNC3 Nod Logo Brotherhood of Nod Third Tiberium War Arsenal CNC3 Nod Logo
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