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TW gameicon.png KW gameicon.png
Affiliation CNC3 Nod Logo.png Nod
CNCKW Black Hand Logo.png Black Hand
CNCKW Marked of Kane logo.png Marked of Kane
Role Resource gatherer
Tier 1
Hit points 5000
Armor type Heavy (95% Cannon, 95% Rocket, 25% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper
Amphibious No
Cost $1400 (TW 1.09)
$1600 (KW 1.02)
Build time 0:14 (TW 1.09)
0:16 (KW 1.02)
Produced by Nod War Factory
Redeemer engineering facility
Nod Tiberium Refinery (upon deployment)
Requires Nod Tiberium Refinery
Hotkey F4
Abilities Stealthed when not unloading (Nod/MoK only)
One harvester comes free with each Nod/MoK/BH Tiberium refinery
But what about the Tiberium?
- Nod Harvester
CNCTW Nod Harvester Cameo.png

The third-generation Harvester is a Nod vehicle that can carry Tiberium from one place to its refinery.


Once Nod regained its stealth technology, the Nod Harvester was upgraded with a portable stealth generator, much like the stealth tank. Thus, Harvesters made Tiberium fields seemingly vanish before one's eyes and made them much more difficult to "harvester hunt". The only major enemy were GDI CC-6 Pitbulls, rogue Nod attack bikes and Scrin Seekers, which both wielded anti-vehicle weapons and stealth detectors.

Unlike the design of the GDI harvester, which has their harvesting apparatus in front of the vehicle, Nod harvesters have it placed to the rear, collecting Tiberium with two sickle-like objects that dig and plow the ground.

In-game unit

A harvester comes free of charge with every new refinery. It automatically starts searching for available Tiberium fields and collecting crystals before returning back to the refinery to have them processed. When lost, War Factories and Redeemer engineering facilities can build a new replacement. Each Harvester returns 1400 credits per load of Green Tiberium.

Black Hand variant

The Black Hand utilizes the same harvesters as the rest of Nod forces, but due to the absence of stealth technology at the end of the Firestorm Crisis, they were developed without stealth generators.



  • It is time for a harvest.


  • Let's go to the crystals!
  • Fields of green!
  • The Tiberium will set us free!
  • The beautiful glow!
  • We must gather all we can!
  • Tiberium is the answer!


  • Carefully now!
  • We must carry it through!
  • The crystals are calling!
  • We must not wander too far!
  • I can hear 'em!
  • But what about the Tiberium?

Return to Refinery

  • It's will safe there!
  • Bring it home!
  • Time for deposit!


  • We must have more!
  • There is never enough!
  • Yes, more Tiberium!
  • This land grows rich!
  • We need more!


  • Hold it back hurry
  • Save the Tiberium!
  • Help, the harvest is in danger!

Unused attacking quotes

  • Gun 'em!
  • Get rid of 'em
  • Man the gun!
  • We must attack!

Unused move to attack quotes

  • Keep 'em out of our field!
  • Go after 'em!
  • Don't let 'em get too close!
  • Send 'em away!

Unused in combat quotes

  • They want the crystal!
  • Protect the harvest!
  • The Tiberium is in danger!
  • Shoot 'em, shoot 'em!
  • I know why they're here!
  • Get 'em away from here!



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