Nod in the Post-Kane Era is a book that was published by Ficus Quartermaine, which focused on Nod and included a fragment on Alexa Kovacs.


Raised in near isolation by migratory Nod separatists on the edge of what would become the Central African Red Zone, Alexa Kovacs was orphaned in her pre-teens. After surviving over a year alone in the burnt-out remains of her parents' homestead, Alexa was discovered mute and near-starving by a patrolling group of Nod scavengers.

Intelligent and pragmatic, she quickly took up her rescuers as a rookie zone runner. Kovac's devout religious beliefs and near-preternatural understanding of cybernetics and AI quickly garnered attention within the Brotherhood, leading to her enrollment in the Nod Academy.

Rising quickly through the ranks post-graduation, Kovacs quickly developed a reputation for coldness, reserve and near-fanatical religious dogmatism that segregated her from her peers - and drew attention of Kane himself. Despite her youth, Alexa was raised to the level of Abbess and enlisted to participate in one of the Nod's leader most secretive projects - working on the development of LEGION, a CABAL-derived experiment combat AI.

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