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Renegade Nod Officer Icons.jpg
Renegade Nod Officer Render.jpg
Faction CNC1 Nod Emblem.png Brotherhood of Nod
Role Anti-personnel infantry
Cost $175
Health 150
Armor 100
Armor type SkinKevlar
Dmg. points 0.04
Death points 8.75
Primary Chaingun
Laser Chaingun (campaign)
Sidearm Automatic Pistol
Explosives Timed C4

The officer is a Nod anti-personnel support infantry in Command & Conquer: Renegade.


Better trained and equipped than enlisted men, and frequently authorized to call in reinforcements, Nod officers oversaw enlisted men and performed particularly important tasks. The officer has a chain gun that is used for dealing with infantry and light armored vehicles. If in the right hands, one officer can take on squads of soldiers, and can be a dangerous threat to anti-air vehicles.


Nod officers are able to quickly mow down infantries and lay suppressing fire with their chain guns. They can damage light armored vehicles to some degree, but deal nothing against heavy armored ones or buildings. They are also equipped with a backup automatic pistol and a timed C4 for armor and building destruction.


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