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The second-generation war factory was a Nod structure used to produce vehicles during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Conflict.


Instead of using airstrips like in the First Tiberium War, Nod realized that it would be faster to create vehicles on the battlefield, rather than having them dropped by a plane. The new war factory design was completely adapted to the new arsenal. During the Firestorm Conflict, Nod war factories were also refitted to create Cyborg Reapers.


Following the Firestorm Conflict, new underground war factories housed repair drones to repair nearby vehicles, putting mobile repair vehicles out of service.

Game building

Only 5 units may be trained at a time in the build queue. Normally, the more war factories there are, the faster vehicles are constructed but that is disabled in Tiberian Sun for all factions and production buildings.

Custom maps can re-enable the logic if they have [General]>MultipleFactory set to a number between 0 and 1 (1=full bonus, 0=no bonus).


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


  • Certain animations were disabled for unknown reasons. For instance, the three lights above the gate were supposed to blink from left to right and back.


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