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The War Factory is the Brotherhood of Nod's main vehicle construction structure appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Preparations for the start of the Third Tiberium War required a very high degree of secrecy. The need for concealment and stealth coupled with the ever-increasing number of Ion Storms has forced the Brotherhood to move away from airlift as the primary source for reinforcements for combat units.

The Brotherhood is employing the ultimate in "Just in Time" weapons delivery: vehicles are built inside on-site war factories, housed mostly underground. They use nano-assemblers and heavy industrial robots to construct and repair tanks, bikes, buggies, and other vehicles. Repair drones orbit around the surface of the factory, repairing any nearby vehicles.

Game structure

Nod's war factory is identical in function to the Scrin's Warp sphere and GDI's War factory.

The War Factory does have some unique characteristics including a lift that spins the vehicle up to ground level.

The back end of the structure contains a tower that rises when it is constructing a vehicle and then lowering again after it has completed its building queue

Produced unit

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
CNCTW Attack Bike Cameo.png Attack bike none

Detects stealth
Call for transport

CNCTW Raider Buggy Cameo.png Raider buggy none Call for transport
EMP coils
CNCTW Scorpion Tank Cameo.png Scorpion Tank Call for transport
CNCTW Nod MCV Cameo.png MCV none Deploy
CNCTW Nod Harvester Cameo.png Harvester Tiberium refinery Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCTW Flame Tank Cameo.png Flame tank Operations Center
Nod and BH
Clear garrison
CNCTW Beam Cannon Cameo.png Beam cannon Operations Center (KW) or Tech Lab (TW) Call for transport
Charge Defenses
Reflector Beam
CNCKW Reckoner Cameo.png Reckoner Operations Center Deploys into a bunker
Drop off
CNCKW Mantis Cameo.png Mantis Operations Center
CNCTW Stealth Tank Cameo.png Stealth tank Tech lab
Nod and MoK
CNCTW Avatar Cameo.png Avatar Tech lab
Nod and MoK
Crush smaller units
Commandeer technology
CNCKW Purifier Cameo.png Purifier Tech lab
Crush smaller units
CNCKW Specter Cameo.png Specter Tech lab Bombardment
Call for transport


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