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It's a Nuke! INCOMING!!!
- GDI soldier seeing the Nuclear Missile hit his base in Sydney

A Nuclear Missile is the rocket that is used in a Nuclear Missile Silo or the Temple of Nod


Tiberium Universe[]

The First Tiberium War had the Brotherhood first introduce their Temple of Nod. This happened in the final mission, Cradle of My Temple as GDI set their own mission in Sarajevo, naming it Temple Strike. The Temple of Nod launches a Nuclear Missile at any GDI base or major cities under control of Kane only. This was used to destroy any major site such as the White House, World Trade Center, Buckingham Palace or the Paris Tower. It was used again in the Second Tiberium War, Firestorm Crisis, Third Tiberium War, First Nod Reunification War and the Second Nod Reunification War to launch a missile at GDI or the Scrin. The Temple of Nod and its Nuclear Missile was never used again in the Ascension Conflict.

Red Alert Universe[]

Such time was made by Albert Einstein. The Second World War had both Allied and Soviet forces to have a Missile Silo. This can launch a Nuclear Missile at any target in its way. By this time of it, one of these crashed into the grounds of London because the Allies have destroyed a Missile Silo that was used by Premier Stalin to see Civilians all hit by the Nuclear pollution. Dugan, a leader of the United States tried to launch some Nuclear Missile Silos to kill Romanov and obliberate Moscow, but Yuri destroyed them when brainwashing Jerry Boyd in an attempt to launch a Nuke from inside. Premier Anatoly Cherdenko changed a Time Machine to never have defeat on Soviet territory, but General Krukov said to launch Nukes at the newly built Empire of the Rising Sun and was no use. The Vacuum Imploder has replaced the Nuclear Missile Silo in both the War of Three Powers and the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising.

Generals Universe[]

China declared its first Nuclear Missile in Dushanbe after the Global Liberation Army exploded a Convoy truck in Beijing. The GLA stole three Convoy trucks in an attempt to overrule a rogue faction in its line near the village of Lenger in Kazakhstan. The Nuke was seen again at the Baikonur Cosmodrome as the GLA destroyed the garrisons of America and China. US forces destroyed and then, used a Nuclear Missile Silo in an attempt to stop a rogue Chinese Commander and prompted Chinese officials with scandals that the United States used a Nuclear Missile at the GLA's capital city, Akmola. China used the Nuke in her first and final missions in Stuttgart and near Hamburg due to the GLA's attack on the US Central Command in Germany before Chinese intervention.

Krukov: Our Nuclear Weapons! Annihilate them all!

Dasha: Excuse Me, General?
- Dasha and Krukov about the Nukes on the Empire of the Rising Sun.