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The nuclear reactor was the power source for most of China's military bases during the GLA War.


It could explode and leave behind nuclear waste if destroyed. The reactor could go into overcharge mode, where it would produce 50% more power but would gradually damage the reactor.

General Tsing Shi Tao developed the advanced nuclear reactor, which generated more power.


Gen1 Overcharge Icons.png
Overcharge This switch allows the nuclear reactor to be overcharged for an additional 5 power units. Don't leave your nuclear reactors unattended with the switch on, since overcharging damages the structure over time and eventually causes the reactor to explode if Overcharge is not switched off.


Gen1 Land Mine Icons.png Land Mines Create mines around the nuclear reactor and harm enemy that pass through. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $600.
ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png Neutron Mine Upgrades the mines to the neutron mines around the nuclear reactor and harm infantry that pass through. Kill vehicles and tanks crew when pass through. Purchasable at the building for a cost of $600.



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