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Nuke bomb
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Enabling Helix to drop a Nuke Bomb

The Nuclear Bomb is ready. Ha ha ha.
- Helix, already know about the Nuke bombs' destructive potential

Nuke bomb is an for the Helix and only available for General Tsing Shi Tao. When the helix drop the bomb, it will release a small nuclear blast and leaves nuclear radiation. It is unavailable for other generals as they are available with napalm bomb upgrade.


The bomb may be considered as a simple dirty bomb, utillizing "leftover" from Tao's Nuclear plan. A real live nuclear bomb, even with the smallest yield available would provide danger to the plane deploying it (if the plane is not flying far enough from the blast and EMP radius from the bomb). A neutron bomb is also dangerous as it will spread the neutron to all direction, endangering the pilot if adequate measure is not taken. Aside from those, the cost to construct the bomb, considering the way the bomb is used and its requirement, would be very unproportionately large.

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