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Number One Threat To America is an operation during the Commander's Challenge. Kelly Weaver and the Futuretech Commander have got word that Oleg Vodnik from the Double-Barreled (Challenge) is using some type of bear on the United States of America in penetrating homeland security. The enemy Commander is secretly training a secret weapon named the Ursa Major. Oleg told them that the Americans are shocked that these endangered species that are in his control and starts transporting them out of the capitalist superpower to his beloved homeland: the Soviet Union.

Now, it's up to the Commander to take control of his own and homeland security to stop the transports from leaving the area. This is set as the seventeenth mission after Are You Experienced against Commander Hill previously and before No Place To Hide, which has the Spy technology.


After sixteen fantastic victories, FutureTech finds out that the Ursa Major is being used on bears in the U.S. state of Florida. Kelly Weaver sends her player out to deal with the investigation and finds Oleg Vodnik attempting to get the bears and bring them home to Moscow for the Ministry of Experimental Science where they will be experimented on. The Commander quickly gets through with all of his might and smashes Oleg Vodnik to pieces. He thinks that the bears smell far too pretty to be part of the Soviets' glorious revolution and returns home, feeling sad for himself. The Commander's next mission is stealing the Spy from Giles Price who is in his homeland, training them at a cove in Great Britain.

Briefing Information

Under Par Time

To get under par time, use the Empire Dojo rush. Build the dojo's near Olegs base (near the lighthouse) The enemy will send Sickles and Conscripts. Build the dojo's as quickly as possible and train Imperial warriors and tankbuster to deal with Oleg. Try to destroy factories first, then the construction yard, so no enemy units will hinder you. While doing this strategy, following this route with the dojo cores (the line in red) will get you to the location without the Ursa Majors bothering you

Another strategy is to build Tanya and transport her to the base, or letting her swim to the base, killing the Ursa Majors whilst swimming. This will give her max veterancy before touching the soviet base.


The bears here smell far too pretty to serve in glorious Soviet army anyway.
- Oleg after his defeat.
  • The mission's name comes from the Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, where Stephen Colbert played a news pundit that, among his many foibles, harbored an intense fear and hatred of bears. He claimed they were "Godless killing machines", and often referred to them as this mission's title in his recurring segment "Threat Down"("And the number one threat to America? Bears!")
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