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Tall, ominous towers of doom. Does wonders for morale
- Anonymous GDI soldier, describing the structure

The Obelisk of Light is one of the Military applications of LASER. Nod required a powerful defensive mechanism to defend their bases, and so its scientists created the Obelisk of Light. It was the culmination of Project Obelisk WDTA2411 5. However, though it was a powerful weapon, its lack of armor was a severe handicap for Nod forces during First Tiberium War, which meant that it could be destroyed by an Ion Cannon strike or even a group of Orcas rather easily. During the period between the First and Second Tiberium Wars, Nod engineers went back to work on the problem. They were able to develop a second version of the Obelisk, which was much more resilient to enemy fire, especially enemy machine gun fire. Unfortunately, though they were able to increase its power to match advances in technology between the wars, they were forced to sacrifice firing speed for this enhancement.

The exact mechanisms behind the workings of the Obelisk of Light are unavailable. However, it is known that it uses powerful capacitors located below the structure to amass energy and then, using advanced optics and focusing systems, releases it in form of a concentrated laser burst at a given direction and can be operated with EVA Obelisk encoders.

Due to the lack of efficient power generation for the average Nod base, the Obelisk module was limited to a large stationary base defence building. The Obelisk was therefore cumbersome and never very portable, unlike other weapons in Nod's arsenal. The Obelisk also could not fire upwards towards the sky, due to problems with focusing the power caused by the construction of the crystal. Nod commanders saw it as an acceptable trade-off.

Low-power portable experimental Obelisk modules were developed and manufactured in limited numbers in the closing stages of the First Tiberium War, issued only to the Black Hand elite soldiers, and even then, not very commonplace.

Cabal seemed to have overcome both these limitations: The former he evidently solved with the portability of the Core Defender, and the latter, with the Obelisk of Darkness.

During the Third Tiberium War Nod themselves finally managed to conquer this task, equipping their mighty Avatar Warmechs with a portable version of the Obelisk laser. Certain other laser weapons utilised by Nod in more recent years are also based, at least in part, on Obelisk technology.

First Tiberium War

Oblisk Guard Tower

First generation Obelisk firing on GDI Humvees.

During this period, the Obelisk of light was a sloped back obelisk that ended in a large focusing crystal that projected the laser. It was under complete computer control, with humans only needed to oversee that it worked properly.

The laser beam it produced was extremely focused, and powerful enough to reduce a human target or light vehicle, such as a Humvee, to ash instantly, and do serious damage to heavier vehicles. Furthermore, its long range allowed it to engage enemy targets before they could retaliate; an Obelisk of Light had longer range than any GDI unit.

Obelisks were always a prominent part of Nod bases, especially around important Nod structures. For example, the bases defending Sarajavo featured nearly a half dozen of these powerful base defenses, including one that was specifically assigned to defend the Temple of Nod itself.

After the war, the Forgotten seem to have acquired a single Obelisk of this type and used it to defend their main headquarters in the Second Tiberium War.

Second Tiberium War

Obelisk of Light 2030

Obelisk of Light in 2030

During the Second Tiberium War, the Obelisk had a much different, flatter base, with a light bar that oscillated back and forth when the Obelisk was operational, but stayed fixed when the Obelisk was not operational.

It is believed that this was a terror tactic towards enemy forces, as well as a way to quickly inform Nod forces if the Obelisk was charged or not. From the rear of the base, an obelisk-like tower, straight and capped with the firing crystal, stood.

Firestorm Crisis

With the Tacitus, CABAL created two variants of the Obelisk, the Obelisk of Darkness, and the CABAL Obelisk to defend its core. The CABAL Obelisk was a ground defense more powerful than even the standard Obelisks and the Obelisk of Darkness was capable of vaporising any aircraft that came within firing range. The 2 defenses were powerful but both were destroyed by the combined GDI and Nod forces.

Third Tiberium War

Those Obelisks are tearing our forces apart!
- GDI soldier at Eastern Europe

With the coming of the Third Tiberium War, the Obelisk has been greatly improved. The Obelisk, although taking much longer to charge, is much more powerful than before. Also, its weakness against infantry has been negated to some extent. This is due to the fact that the Obelisk, when facing infantry or light vehicles, uses sweeping low power laser beams to vaporize them; also, Beam Cannons can charge up an Obelisk so that its range and attack power increases, when fully charged, it becomes possibly the most powerful and longest ranged ground defense in any TWIII arsenal. The new threats that Obelisks now face are enemy aerial assault vehicles, such as GDI's Firehawks and the various deadly Scrin aircraft, including their Devastator Warships and Planetary Assault Carriers. In addition, the Obelisk still requires a tremendous amount of power, and the destruction of power plants will render it as well as most of the base useless. Artillery units like the Beam Cannon, Juggernaut or Specter can attack from outside of its range, although when fully charged by Beam Cannons its range can surpass even these systems, at least when they are used for direct fire. Also, GDI finally has developed a powerful base defence to match the Obelisk, the Sonic Emitter, which is even more powerful than an Obelisk that has not been charged up, but is slightly more expensive and less accurate.

Nod managed to develop a portable laser for their Avatars and a triple laser cannon for the Redeemer. According to intelligence, these weapons were all based on the Obelisk's technology. The unit's immense size is probably why it could use such a weapon, since a Obelisk of Light requires a large structure. Smaller lasers were also created, however. They could be fixed onto Scorpion Tanks or Venom VTOL aircraft, amongst others. The Nod Commando in TWIII also had two laser pistols.

Fourth Tiberium War

GDI Engineer 2047
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Behind the scenes

Beam Cannons charging base defenses are similar to Tesla Troopers charging up a Tesla Coil.

The TWIII era Obelisk resembles the old TWI era Obelisk.

Despite its inability to fire towards the sky, in Renegade's multiplayer mode, it can attack air units.

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