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Obelisk of Oppression is the eighth mission of Command & Conquer: Renegade.[1]


Sydney Mobius and Parker manage to escape the crumbling Black Hand fortress in a cargo truck, but while bickering over Parker's failure to protect her father, Ignatio Mobius, they almost hit a cow in their escape vehicle. The duo return to the town's cathedral to regroup with the Dead 6.

Nod launches another assault on the cathedral with a nuclear ballistic missile. Parker manages to lead the group and fight their way through the streets to reach a safe distance from the blast. When they reach the evacuation LZ, Parker stays behind to aid the town's resistance by destroying Nod's SSM launchers and the Obelisk of Light that remained in the city. Eventually, he uses a stolen nuclear strike beacon to target a ballistic missile onto the Obelisk.


Primary Objectives
Protect Team Members
Every member of the Dead-6 team has a critical role in this assault. Ensure that you and your entire team survive until evacuation.
Evacuate Sydney
Sydney Mobius must be evacuated from the area. A GDI Transport Helicopter is en route to your location. Make sure that she gets on board.
Escape Nuclear Strike
Both you and your team must evacuate the area to avoid an impending Nod tactical Nuclear Strike. Ensure that your entire group is outside of the blast radius.
Escort Hotwire to SAM Sites
Nod has several jury-rigged SAM Sites mounted on the back of Cargo Trucks. Escort Hotwire to their location and protect her while she converts them to GDI control.
Destroy SSM Launchers
Nod has two Surface-to-Surface Missile Launchers in the park. Locate and destroy the two SSM Launchers.
Secondary Objectives
Destroy Radar Installations
Nod has two mobile radar installations located in the Town Square, used to coordinate reinforcement efforts. Locate and destroy them.
Rescue Resistance
Nod has captured several village resistance members and is currently holding them in a makeshift facility in the Triangle Gardens. Make contact with the prisoners to release them.
Destroy Napalm Stockpile
The Surface-to-Surface Missile Launchers have stockpiles of fuel and napalm rounds nearby. Proceed to their location and destroy all the fuel barrels in the area to hamper the bombardment.
Destroy Stealth Tank
A Nod Stealth Tank is defending the SSM Launchers in the Park. Keep an eye out for exhaust and signature treadmarks, and destroy this vehicle.


  • Sounds of a baby crying can be heard from one of the buildings after the Dead 6 is extracted and the player heads westward into the town streets.


Commando difficulty walkthrough


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