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The officer is an anti-personnel support infantry in Command & Conquer: Renegade.


Better trained and equipped than enlisted men, and frequently authorized to call in reinforcements, GDI and Nod officers oversaw enlisted men and performed particularly important tasks. The officer is equipped with the chaingun that is used for dealing with infantry and light armored vehicles. If in the right hands, one officer can take on squads of soldiers, and can be a dangerous threat to aircraft and light vehicles.

Captain Duncan was a notable GDI officer who was rescued by Havoc during the GDI civilian rescue operation in Mexico. He provided Havoc a prototype GS-2 beacon.[1]


GDI and Nod officers are able to quickly mow down infantries and lay suppressing fire with their chain guns. They can damage light armored vehicles to some degree, but deal nothing against heavy armored ones or buildings. They are also equipped with a backup automatic pistol and a timed C4 for armor and building destruction.

The the campaign, Nod officers appear as early as the 2nd mission of the game, Rescue and Retribution, where they oversee squads of Nod soldiers and flamethrower infantry and interrogate captured civilians. Additionally, officers occupying guard towers will periodically call in reinforcements. This behavior continues into the third mission, Armored Assault. A few officers onboard the ship in the 4th mission Stowaway are armed with shotguns instead of the usual chainguns, though they do not drop these weapons and instead drop health packs on death.

From the 5th mission of the game onward, Deadly Reunion, officers replace Nod soldiers entirely, save for a few soldiers inexplicably appearing in All Brains, No Brawn. Though there is no story explanation, gameplay wise the officers serve as an upgrade to the soldiers as regular infantry, with higher health, better accuracy, and more damaging attacks with their chaingun.

In the penultimate mission Tomorrow's Technology Today, Nod officers become notably deadlier as they are often armed with laser chainguns. A single GDI officer also appears in the mission, piloting the Mammoth Tank, though he uses the model of a military police soldier instead.

Nod officers are absent from the final mission, Stomping on Holy Ground, with their role replaced by black hand elite soldiers.




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