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Omar bin Ghazali was a pro-GLA television reporter and anchor for the GLA-sympathizing ARC News.


He appeared in news broadcasts lambasting the efforts of the American and Chinese forces, praising the GLA in what he saw as its war of liberation. He often acts as the spokesman for the GLA military command, who issued various press releases and proclamations through ARC News. His last broadcast saw him triumphantly announcing the GLA's successful invasion of mainland Europe.

Behind the scenes

Omar bin Ghazali was played by Michael Saad.


  • Despite what some may believe, his name is not similar to Osama bin Laden (bin / ben), as 'bin' (or often misspelled & mispronounced as 'ben') is not a middle name. 'bin' (pronounced as 'ibin/ibn') is used to refer to the father of a male Muslim individual, and is similar to son of (e.g: Kane, son of Adam). As for female, 'binti' is used instead.

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