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More Nod forces are en route for the final stand, but you won't need them, Commander. Simply use GDI and the Visitors' own weapons against them. Destroy everything that moves.
- Kane

Operation Stiletto is one of two Nod missions that become available after completing Northern Italy, along with Italian Hills.


GDI was advancing through the Italian Red Zone faster than Nod anticipated, with one large force routing alien forces on the east bank of Tiber river. Since GDI forces would soon threaten the alien towers, Kane ordered the Nod Commander to slow down GDI's advance by turning their own weapons against them using a small force.


(This walkthrough assumes hard difficulty)

Since both GDI and the aliens will ignore your forces until you attack, the easiest way to complete this mission is to simultaneously capture all construction and production structures using saboteurs.

At the start of the mission, sell your tech lab and secret shrine. Queue up around thirty saboteurs. Position them near every GDI and Scrin production structure. However, be sure to leave a barrack uncaptured in the southwestern GDI base.

You may want to position saboteur near the reactors as well, to ensure the Scrin base defenses stay offline, and place multiple saboteurs near the northwestern warp spheres. You may also want to position your commando to the northeastern alien base (be sure to switch her to cease fire mode) to deal with the heroic tripods guarding the northeastern base.

Once all saboteurs are in place. Use the "Plan" function to order them to capture every construction and production structure, as well as reactors and T3 tech structures for the bonus objective. Once this is done, immediately start building Annihilator tripods at the Warp spheres and Mammoth tanks at the war factories. The heroic tripods will begin attacking your warp spheres, repair them with saboteurs when they are heavily damaged to make sure the tripod can be produced in time.

Once the bonus objectives are complete, destroy the GDI barracks you did not capture with your Mammoth tanks to complete the mission.


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