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The Operations Center was a Nod field structure employed during the Third Tiberium War. Its advanced communications arrays were required to support more advanced Nod structures.

Game building

The Operations Center unlocks the second tier of units and structures, and provides a wide range of support powers. In Kane's Wrath, two upgrades are made available from the structure.

It is Nod's functional equivalent of the GDI Command Post, and the Scrin Nerve Center.

Upgrades provided

Icon Upgrade Description
CNCKW Quad Turrets Cameo.png Quad turrets This upgrade adds additional firepower to Nod's three-segment base defenses by adding a fourth turret to all Shredder Turrets, Laser Turrets, and SAM Turrets. The fourth turret is placed on top of the pre-existing turret hub. This upgrade costs $1000 and takes 0:30 to research (Ctrl+S).
CNCTW Dozer Blades Cameo.png Dozer blades Dozer Blades can be added to Scorpion Tanks and Reckoners to bolster their armor and make them immune to mines. They cost $2000 and take 1:00 to research (Ctrl+A).

Support powers provided

Icon Support power Description
CNCKW Laser Fencing Cameo.png Laser fencing Allows Nod commanders to fortify structures with a fence that defends against Commandos, Shadow Teams, and Saboteurs. This power costs $500 and has a cooldown time of 0:15. Laser Fencing also doubles the armor of any structure affected.
CNCTW Decoy Army Cameo.png Decoy army The selected units are cloned by the Nod player using hologram technology to emulate real units. The decoys can be ordered around the map and will lift the fog of war, but do not inflict damage and vanish when targeted. Decoy Army costs $500 and has a cooldown of 1:00. The decoys last for 0:59.
CNCTW Cloaking Field Cameo.png Cloaking field Makes all vehicles in the area invisible permanently (even those that leave husks and keeps their invisibility when taken)and harms infantry in the area.
CNCKW Power Signature Scan Cameo.png Power signature scan This ability reveals all Power Plants on the map. It has a duration of 10 seconds, costs $300 and takes 1:00 to recharge. Black Hand only.
CNCTW Radar Jamming Missile Cameo.png Radar jamming missile The Operations Center can fire a missile that temporarily disables the radar of hostile players for ten seconds. The Radar Jamming Missile costs $300 and has a cooldown time of 1:00.

Role in Kane's Wrath

The Dozer blades, signature generators and Liquid Tiberium core power plant upgrades are provided by the Operations Center rather than the Technology lab. It also allows the purchase of the valuable Quad turrets upgrade to all turret base defenses, and the Laser fence defensive structure. Additionally, building an Operations Center unlocks the Beam cannon in the War Factory and does not require the Tech Lab, unlike in Tiberium Wars.

Certain support powers are enabled or disabled depending on the Nod faction used. The Black Hand subfaction cannot use the Cloaking field support power, but is the only Nod subfaction that has access to the Power signature scan intelligence power.




The signature generator can be seen next to the radar dish

  • When the Radar jamming missile support power is launched, the Operations Center's satellite dish starts to revolve and only stops if the missile is again ready to use.
  • The operations center was likely originally intended to provide radar before the function was integrated into the construction yard. It does provide radar in the mission Operation Stiletto.
  • In Kane's Wrath, selling the Operations Center returns a squad of Black Hand troopers instead of ordinary militia men.
  • Also in Kane's Wrath, the signature generator upgrade is visible on the operation center when placing it, suggesting that the upgrade was originally going to be moved to the operations center.
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