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Orbital strike was a support power available to all GDI commanders during the Third Tiberium War.


GDI's expansion into the field of space-based weaponry produced many results, one being the Orbital Strike support power.

Once a space command uplink has been constructed, GDI commanders can call down a series of highly destructive slugs to be launched from an orbital platform. The target is painted using a laser designator before 15 slugs are fired at the target location, though the impact points tend to be spread out instead of being centered on the highlighted point.

Game Effect[]

The main drawback to this support power is the laser designator, and the speed at which the slugs are fired. Commanders who are quick enough can move their units away from the laser designator once they see it, and the spread of the slugs means that faster units have a chance of avoiding them.

Other than this, the power is extremely destructive. Orbital strikes deal great damage to structures (who are static and therefore unable to evade the volley), and slower vehicles (especially those who also have larger hitboxes, such as the Mammoth-27 or Epic units) also quite often sustain heavy damage.

When used in tandem with the Shockwave Artillery power, even the faster vehicles are unable to outrun the slugs, as the shockwave artillery immobilizes them (through its EMP-based shells) and the orbital strike's slugs finishes them off with its heavier damage.

The orbital strike's slugs cannot be destroyed or deflected in any way.



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