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I've unlocked some new UN funding, it should help take care of this madman for good. Morelli, we got some new toys for you. You've read the classified briefings about Orca and here she is. I need you and Morelli to take a couple of these babies up and put them through the mill.
- Mark Jamison Sheppard(src)

The ORCA Assault Craft is a multi-purpose support gunship of the Global Defence Initiative, appearing in Tiberian Dawn.


This vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) craft carries five salvos of TOW rockets. ORCAs are exceptionally useful for taking out enemy armor like Harvesters. When used in conjunction with Ion Cannon strikes, then can easily destroy enemy structures. When an ORCA runs out of rockets, it must return to base for reloading.
- Tiberian Dawn manual(src)

Employing a set of twin articulated jet engines as propulsion in place of the classic rotary wing, the Orca has incredible manoeuvrability. These advantages came at the expense of armour, allowing the Orca to withstand only a few missile hits, provided it did not outrun these missiles first.

The craft is armed with two weapons - a six barrelled, forward mounted Gatling gun (equipped with a searchlight) and a pair of Dragon TOW missile launchers on its sides, each containing nine rockets. Some later models had two forward mounted machine guns.

Its compact design allows it to fit in small passages such as canyons with ease, as well as be transported and deployed from freight trucks or specially designed resupply and transportation trucks. The fuselage dimensions limit the crew size to only a single pilot, limiting the craft's performance in combat somewhat.


CNCR NodLogo The following is based on the Nod campaign of Tiberian Dawn and might contradict canon.

Nod acquired the Orca during the Campaign in Africa, taking over a test facility - however, due to the engines emitting too much heat and being extremely vulnerable to IR tracking missiles, and the costs associated with fuel, Nod chose not to produce the Orca. However, they did keep the blueprints after their assault.[1]


During the Second Tiberium War, these units were succeeded by the Orca fighter.

While it had its drawbacks, the design proved so effective during the First Tiberium War, that it served as a basis for GDI's air forces design up to the Third Tiberium War.

Game unit[]

The Orca is GDI's airborne unit in Tiberian Dawn, flying at high speeds and outfitted with rockets. It is capable of taking out armoured vehicles, and is particularly effective against Nod light tanks, buggies, and turrets, as they have no anti-aircraft capability. When used in conjunction with Ion Cannon strikes, the Orca can easily destroy enemy structures. The Orca can carry up to five salvos of TOW rockets, and would need to return to a helipad for reloading.

The Orca can also target and attack airborne enemies such as the Apache.


The Orca is first available to the player in Orcastration.


  • In the opening cutscene for the Nod mission, Orca Heist, Seth mistakenly addressed the Orca as a "new helicopter". It is possible that the Orca's VTOL technology was so advanced for its time that it was widely perceived as a type of helicopter by Nod intelligence.



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Orca field test
Tenth GDI mission briefing, featuring the first Orca deployments

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