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For other uses, see Orca.
CNC4 Orca Cameo.png
SA-1 Orca
CNC4 Orca Render.png
Affiliation GDI Support Class
Role Medium attack aircraft[1]
Armament Comet rockets[1] (Rocket)
Tier 1
Armor type Medium
Cost 6 CP
Build time 0:12
Produced by GDI Support Crawler
Requires Rank 1
Air speed Medium

CNC4 Range Boost Cameo.png Range boost
CNC4 Speed Boost Cameo.png Speed boost

CNC4 Accuracy Boost Cameo.png Accuracy boost
It ain't the Hunters or Talons that tell ya' you finally done gone and p***ed off GDI right good. Nah, that'd be when they send in the Orcas. Man, those flying f**kers'll root you out no matter how well you think you hid.
- Unidentified Nod Insurgent, 2066

The Orca Mk. V (or SA-1 Orca) is a GDI Support-class aircraft that entered service in 2064.[1] It represents the next iteration of the Orca VTOL.


The Orca's engines and airframe are designed to boast a significant increase in armor while at the same time maintaining the speed and maneuverability that made the Orca line a mainstay in the first place. However, the most significant improvement over previous iterations of the Orca is the weaponry; using Comet rockets, the Orca can engage both air and ground targets, a step which was meant to achieve parity with the Nod Venom. The Comet missiles are tied to a "staged" fire mechanic.[1]


The Orca Mk V was designed by Military R&D after the failure of the experimental Orca Mk. IV, and it showed. The conservative design measures bore an aircraft with much in common with the previous Orcas, however, significant alterations were made. The Mk V is heavier and more powerful than Orca Aircraft typically were, resulting in a redefining the Orca as a Medium Attack Aircraft. Furthermore the Mk V can engage ground and air targets, something that was a critical fault from the Third Tiberium War against Nod Venoms and the Scrin airforce. These new Orcas were cleared for combat in 2064, and have since proven that the return to the classic Orca design, updated with modern design features, has been a success.[1]


  • Orca lifting off.
  • Rough day out there...



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