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The largest of all the Orcas, this transport aircraft has the critical job of rescuing or delivering units to any destination on the battlefield. Using a large grappling device, the Carry-All is capable of picking up any vehicle found on the battlefield. To make the Carry-All pick up a unit, select the Carry-All, then left click on the unit you wish to pick up. To put the unit down, select the Carry-All when it is on the ground, highlight it and left-click on it when the "deploy" cursor appears.
- Tiberian Sun manual(src)

The Orca Carryall was an unarmed GDI transport aircraft used during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Conflict.


It was designed to carry vehicles across the battlefield, ignoring the restrictions of terrain, Tiberium or, in some cases, enemy defenses. Carryalls are much faster than all GDI ground units. This unit epitome GDI power projection capability similar to Nod's Subterranean APC, but with different weaknesses and strengths.

Powerful units such as Disruptors or even the Mammoth Mk. II became much more dangerous when ferried across the battlefield by Carryalls. When used with an APC, it can also be used to transport entire squads of infantry across the map. Unfortunately, it has weak armour, so care must be taken when flying across a potentially dangerous zone.

For all intents and purposes, the Carryall was superseded by the V-35 Ox, a VTOL ordnance delivery craft, while in a twist of irony, Nod adopted the Carryall's design, creating their own version of the craft.

Game unit

The Carryall can pick up any ground vehicle in the game. Though the Carryall cannot transport infantry directly, troops may be placed into an APC, and then the APC can be picked up and flown to the target destination. To use the Carryall, simply select it, then left-click on the unit to be picked up. The Carryall will then fly to the unit and latch on to it. Giving a move command to the loaded Carryall will then cause it to fly to the destination and drop off the vehicle, though subsequent move commands can also be given to it while still airborne to change the dropzone or to simply keep it in the air temporarily. As the Carryall allows a GDI commander to move his most powerful units around the battlefield quickly and to bypass enemy defenses, this unit is an invaluable part of their arsenal.

AI behavior

Unused by the AI.


The Orca Carryall design was retired, but an aircraft of the same name was utilized by Nod by the Third Tiberium War, with their own Carryall. Both have four engines and a large loading capacities, but the Nod version was able to ferry infantry squads. GDI, on the other hand, used V-35 Ox transports.


The Orca Carryall was likely inspired in name and intent by the Carryall from Dune, as Westwood Studios created Dune II: Building of a Dynasty.


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