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The Orca Mk. IV was an experimental GDI Orca aircraft developed during between the Third Tiberium War and the Tiberium Control Network Conflict. The Mk. IV was an expensive failure and was succeeded by the Orca Mk. V.[1]


The Orca Mk. IV was an unfocused design. It was large and heavily armored, but was difficult to use and incorporated many unnecessary features. The end result was inadequate combat performance and reliability.[1]


The Third Tiberium War left the GDI Council of Directors dissatisfied with the Orca Mk. III's battlefield viability, especially when compared to the Nod Venom. To correct this, the Council launched the "Orca Innovation Project" (OIP) to produce a next-generation Orca. The military leadership was also aware of the Orca Gunship's failings, but they objected to the secretive civilian-run OIP.[1]

The OIP revealed the Orca Mk. IV after several years, and an unknown amount of credits, of development. Testing revealed serious deficiencies and the military ultimately refused to adopt it. The costly program was terminated and its progenitors removed from office.[1]

The military was tasked to develop a new Orca after the failure of the OIP. Extensive testing of the Mk, IV helped produce the successful Orca Mk. V in 2064. Compared to the Mk. IV, the Mk. V was more conservatively designed and had a greater resemblance to previous light Orcas.[1]


The Intelligence Database from Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars refers to the A-15 Orca as Orca Mk. IV. This is likely a continuity error[2]


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