Ore is the main resource in the Red Alert universe of the Command & Conquer series.


Ore is the primary means of earning cash on the battlefield.

In the original Red Alert and Red Alert 2, ore comes in two variants: yellow ore and gems. Yellow ore is typically abundant, and more ore is generated every minute[citation needed] by an indestructible ore drill found in the middle of an ore field, essentially making it an infinite resource.

Ore can be gathered by special vehicles, called ore trucks in Red Alert or faction-specific miners in Red Alert 2, which are:

Once their storage is full, or ordered by the commander, these vehicles return to the nearest ore refinery to deposit their ore. It is either stored at an ore silo or processed immediately.

In Red Alert 3, ore is now supplied in ore mines. Unlike its predecessors, the amount of ore is set and limited. Ore Collectors are used to gather the resource.


Gems, or multi-colored jewels[1], are more valuable than yellow ore, but are rare in quantity. On the battlefield, gems are typically finite as they are not generated by ore drills, making them heavily contested by opposing commanders.

When gathered, gems provide double the cash than yellow ore.

Gems do not appear in Red Alert 3.

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