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Otani-Lincoln Laboratories is a major defense contractor, mentioned in Tiberium' design documents.


Otani/Lincoln Laboratories is the prime contractor of the GDI Mil-Spec Omnibus Agency that oversees the development, fabrication and deployment of military, research, communication, Tiberium and infrastructure facilities worldwide. Using advanced autonomous industrial engineering, concurrent AI and robotic manufacturing and test systems OLL creates high output automated production lines and facilities for all of GDI’s combat and infrastructure support units.[1]


Originally, Otani/Lincoln Laboratories was a commercial manufacturer of offshore Tiberium processing platforms. In 2006 they made a classified presentation to the GDI Mil-Spec Omnibus Agency (GMSOA) proposing a new kind of all terrain structure for the design and deployment of the next generation of GDI combat and infrastructure facilities. The financial details of the 100 year contract are classified.[1]

OLL received its first Research and Development contract for semi-autonomous structures in 2009. Over the course of the next 15 years they produced several prototype facilities culminating in the first ATS deployment of a barracks facility in 2025. The design for the Personnel Support Structure (PSS-Barracks) continues to be a viable operating combat facility. Following the successful introduction of the PSS, successful testing and deployment of seven more ATS facilities was completed in 2032. A significant early development in OLL’s ATS initiative was the inclusion of underground infrastructure in the core design of the facilities. Limited at first to below grade support for the massive single pylon designs of the block 10 structures - OLL subsequently put storage, manufacturing, material handling and testing facilities into below grade configurations.[1]

During the latter part of the 2020 decade it was rumored that OLL was working on an advanced integrated hybrid weapons manufacturing facility to replace its own sprawling factory complex at White Sands, NM. In 2040, 30 years after their initial contract, GDI deployed the first OLL designed War Factory of the modern era during the battle of San Vicente in Argentina.



Otani-Lincoln Laboratories is mentioned in the GDI Style Guide for Tiberium.


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