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Upr gameicon.png
Out of the Blue
Main challenge
Location Southern United States
Par time 15:00
Unit unlocked Century Bomber
Opponent RA3U Giles Icon.png Giles Price
Starting funds $15,000
Fog of war Active
Previous Double-Barreled
Next Fury of the Empire

Out of the Blue is the twelfth main challenge in Commander's Challenge.


The Allies' Commander Giles fancies himself to be quite the airman, and this happens to be the place where he trains his squadrons in all their annoying tactics. So how about you clip their wings? Dealing with Giles may be a bit troublesome for you, since the long stretches of terrain here are going to give those aircraft plenty of breathing room. But you've seen a few of his tricks by now. And soon well know them all--our ground teams will recover as many black boxes as possible once you're finished here.

Red Alert 3 and Uprising missions