Out of the Blue is a Commander's Challenge mission after the Futuretech Commander successfully defeats Oleg Vodnik, the Head of Soviet Military Affairs to whom Kelly Weaver says he was tricked into during the Double-Barreled mission to take the Apocalypse Tank for research in Amsterdam. This features an unlocked tech from the Dead Meat mission, the Commander knew was the B2-X Century Bomber. This is the second-last mission before Takara's second appearance in Fury of the Empire.


The Commander must steal the B2-X Century from his enemy who is none other than former RAF pilot, Giles Price who is in charge of the Allies' combined air force. The main objective despite stealing the B2-X Century is to avoid Para drops made by Giles which were considered by him as "annoying". The Futuretech Commander wins by stealing the bomber and defeating Giles in just one stroke of major attacks against him.

Briefing Information

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