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Outpost (Red Alert 3) is about a particular building, which is a stub. You can help by expanding it.
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The outpost is the structure created by the Soviet Sputnik expansion vehicle. The building contains a standard control device and a build-in construction apparatus. It provides ground control for Soviet buildings and an expanded area for construction. The Outpost takes very little time to set up from a Sputnik compared to the Prospector. However, its radius is smaller than the command hub's ground control. It cannot perform construction work by itself without supplies and assistance from a construction yard or a grinder. This is due to the Sputnik's design, which excludes any supply capacity in exchange for its mobility and price.

The outpost is useful for base expansion and defence in remote areas. Deploying an outpost along with a grinder will provide a good service station for any friendly mechanical unit. It may also be constructed to capture and defend ore nodes. It is deployed faster than the Allied command hub and is also cheaper, making it distantly comparable to the Imperial nanocore. Opposing commanders will usually destroy it rather than capture it, as the only value it brings is an expanded construction area.


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