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Gdi outpost
TT Outpost Nod

The Outpost is a structure used by both GDI and Nod during the Ascension Conflict. It is the only structure that can provide ground control outside of the Crawler, and can only be build by GDI and Nod's Dozer and Slave units, respectively. The Outpost is one of the few structures that is vulnerable during construction. [1]


In addition to providing ground control, the Outpost also detects stealth units. Its vision range, detection range, and build radius can be further upgraded by the Comm. Tower upgrade at the cost of one extra power point.

GDI Outposts can be upgraded with Shield Generator, which protects surrounding units from enemy fire, while Nod Outposts can be upgraded with Stealth Field, which conceals friendly units. Both upgrades cost one power point.


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