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The Overlord's Wrath is a devastating Scrin support power in Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath.


A newly-encountered support power in the Scrin arsenal, the Overlord's Wrath is an immensely destructive attack using Tiberium meteors. Whether the name is merely tribute to the Scrin Overlord, or has a deeper meaning is unknown, as it is similar to how Tiberium first came to Earth. Scrin Foremen can call this support power through the Signal Transmitter.

Game effect

The power costs $4000 to activate and has a 7 minute cooldown timer.

When the power is activated, two small Tiberium-laced meteors crash into the target area, followed by a much larger one. The damage dealt is staggering, rivalling that of a weapon of mass destruction, and leaves a small patch of Tiberium in its wake. As with any Tiberium, infantry can easily be killed if they remain near the patch and buildings cannot be constructed on top of it. If used in coordination with the Rift superweapon, it is capable of wiping out an enemy base.

The asteroid's arrival time is so fast that few units can escape after the target zone is selected. Furthermore, the destruction it creates is a mixed blessing; units will be either destroyed or heavily damaged, and a small Tiberium patch will be created at the collision zone for either side to harvest. If gathered immediately, the Tiberium is worth $4645, but it can also grow more valuable if left for a time.[1] This gives the power potential utility value, as its cost can be recouped with interest. Even if all the initial Tiberium from the impact has been harvested, new crystals can spawn on the location of the impact. The location of impact is marked with a small non-damaging ion storm.




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