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Prepare a full invasion force. Earth will fall.
- The Overlord's only quote

One of the few known Scrin entities, the Overlord is believed to be the leader of the Scrin forces, or at the very least the individual in command of all harvesting operations. The Supervisor of Foreman 371 reported to this leader, who presumably resided at the Ichor Hub. Because of the Scrin's failures and humiliation on Earth, the Overlord has ordered preparations for a full invasion force to be assembled.[1] The Overlord never appeared (its voice is heard only when it orders the invasion of Earth), or personally commanded 371 in the harvesting operations, but only relays the orders via the Supervisor. He also seems to possess certain knowledge about Kane.

A Scrin support power is named after the Supreme Entity, called the "Overlord's Wrath". A giant Ichor-laced asteroid is launched at the designated target, and can destroy any weak structures and units in the area. It is presumably launched from the orbit of another Scrin base in space.

No further information on the Overlord is known. As of 2062, the Scrin have not been seen at all following their failed harvesting attempt during the Third Tiberium War, and no implications of the invasion force were seen. Only the leftover Threshold 19 tower remains, used by Kane and his Nod followers to "ascend" by going through the portal. After this, the Tiberium Control Network began to remove Tiberium from the world, finally reclaiming it from the ravages caused by the substance.


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