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Are you ready?
- Overlord Tank rolling out of the War Factory

Overlord is a mammoth heavy twin barreled tank destroyer unit that exclusively deployed by the arsenal of army of the china faction, it is the largest fighting land vehicle in the game.


I am big.
- Overlord Tank stating the obvious

Measuring 10 meters in length, the Overlord tank is by far the largest, most powerful and considered the final word in armor fielded by any of the factions in the GLA conflict. It can quite easily defeat any conventional vehicle in a one on one fight or even a group individually, traveling on four sets of treads, the overlord uses twin long barrel cannons on it's giant turret and it has extremely heavy tough armor making it one of the most difficult unit to take out in the game, overlord is also large enough to crush smaller vehicles, it is the finest ever made war machine technology in the conflict and the arsenal strength of china, the tank stands as a supreme late game unit.

the overlord was nicknamed 'the rolling terror of the east' because of it's dangerous armament and strength, overlord is known for it's ruthless action confront and being the most feared war machine on the conflict.

Ta Hun Kwai, general of the PLA tank division, developed his own war machine variant called the "Emperor Overlord" a stronger and more dangerous type of the overlord tank with a modified appearance and has 2 upgrade slots, only trained veteran crews can operate them, this tank comes out with 1 rank with it from the factory.


these following upgrades can be only added one time per individual tank, this means if the overlord had already add-on upgrade depending what is chosen, that tank cannot have one more another upgrade if the overlord's main body turret had already been occupied by first chosen add-on upgrade.

Gen1 Overlord Battle Bunker Icons.PNG Battle Bunker when added, the tank will be converted to a stationary/Mobile Structure fighting vehicle the overlord would be outfitted with a bunker that can hold 5 passengers, this cost $400 per tank. Beware that the bunker may not protect its inhabitant from chemical attacks.
Gen1 Overlord Gatling Cannon Icons.PNG Gatling Cannon when added, the overlord would be outfitted with a gatling cannon, giving the tank to have anti air defense ability and would be able to engage at air units, giving it a minimum protection from hostile air units effective against infantry and aircraft. This cost $1200 per tank. Like with the land version this gatling has stealth detection in a small range
Gen1 Overlord Propaganda Tower Icons.PNG Speaker Tower

when added, the tank will be converted to combat ambulance fighting vehicle the overlord would be outfitted with a small spired speaker tower, providing a speed boost of fire rate and self health regeneration to the overlord and the nearby allied units within the tank


The following upgrades are purchased at various buildings.

ZH Isotope Stability Icons.jpg Isotope Stability When an Overlord Tank with the Nuclear Tanks upgrade was destroyed, the radiation no longer harmed allies. Purchasable from Tsing Shi Tao's Propaganda Center for $2000.
Gen1 Subliminal Messaging Icons.png Subliminal Messaging Increases effectiveness of any mounted Propaganda Towers by 25%. Purchasable from all Propaganda Centers for $500.
Gen1 Uranium Shells Icons.png Uranium Shells Increases damage by 25% and adds radiation damage
Automatically applied to Tsing Shi Tao's tanks
Purchasable for normal China and Ta Hun Kwai at the Nuclear Missile Silo for $2500.
Gen1 Nuclear Tanks Icons.png Nuclear Tanks Increased all Overlord Tanks' movement speed by 25%.
Automatically applied to Tsing Shi Tao's tanks.
Purchasable for normal China and Ta Hun Kwai at the Nuclear Missile Silo for $2000.

Game unit

Overlord Tank variants

They will beg for mercy.
- Overlord Tank on the offensive

The slow-moving, overwhelmingly-armed Overlord epitomizes the basic approach of the Chinese army. In order to be most effective these tanks should be used in mixed squads, with varied upgrades and flank protection from other units.

With their double cannons and thick armor they make good tank destroyers in addition to running over infantry and vehicles including enemy tanks. A large group of upgraded Overlord Tanks (more than three) is unstoppable, unless met with overwhelming force or dedicated AA weapons. Due to their armor they are ideal for making the initial breach in the enemy line and allowing smaller, faster, less armored units to attack the rear and fight in the confines of the enemy’s base. The Overlord can also play a role in defending a base or key areas on the battlefield before more permanent base defenses can be constructed.

Overlords are unwieldy and the slow traverse of their turrets means that large groups of smaller and more mobile anti-tank units can quickly overwhelm them (although, it should be noted that when facing large number of smaller vehicles in a confined area, the Overlord can simply run them over). The Overlord's armor is particularly vulnerable to rocket-wielding infantry units and enemy aircraft, although the Gatling Cannon upgrade compensates for this to an extent. Despite their apparent size, Overlord is transportable.

Jarmen Kell's skill at killing vehicle drivers makes the slow-moving Overlord particularly vulnerable and a favorite target-of-opportunity to the GLA. Rocket firing aircraft (F-22 Raptors, MIGs, Comanches, etc.) are recommended as counter, as the Overlord fares poorly against aircraft even when upgraded (although the bunker upgrade with five tank hunters somewhat compensates for this). General Granger's fleet of King Raptors can also make short work of them. Hijackers may also easily approach and capture the vehicle, especially if the Overlord is not upgraded. Terrorists and Bomb trucks are also quite effective counters, as the Overlord is unable to outrun them or gun them down quickly enough. A rogue nuke cannon with neutron shell would be a final say for overlord. Chinese opposition can also use EMP based weapon on it. Also all three US generals have units (King Raptor, Aurora Alpha, Laser Crusader) that are fairly effective against the Overlord.

Because of these weaknesses, Overlord tanks should never be sent into a battle unescorted. It is strongly recommended to support them with artillery, anti-air, anti-infantry, sensor and air support units. One Overlord can be upgraded with speaker tower, improving the safety of the group.

The Overlord's voice is calm and (sometimes thought to be) sarcastic. Their voice may seem creepy and unsettling.


Pros (Unit Advantages):

  • The most powerful fighting combat land vehicle unit in the game.
  • The tank that has the most by far powerful fire rate and damage of any fighting vehicles.
  • it can easily take out a group of light armored fighting land vehicles individually.
  • can easily destroy buildings and base defenses except EMP patriot missle due to (eletrical stunning ability) and a dozen of Laser defense turret that easily fry deep any hostile units in range.
  • It has intense large size enough to crush smaller vehicles by driving over them.
  • the only land vehicle unit that can drive over heroes.
  • it would be almost unstoppable when fighting in groups especially if the tanks had ranks with them.
  • vehicle add-ons gives special abilities for the tank, here are the following lists of add-on upgrades:
    • Gatling Cannon - enables the tank to engage air units and eliminate infantry quickly, this is the most useful add-on upgrade for the vehicle.
    • Speaker Tower - outfits the tank with a small spired prop tower that will give rate boost of firing speed and health regeneration ability to the overlord and it's nearby allied units within the tank, but the health regeneration ability from the speaker tower add-on upgrade becomes unnecessary for the overlord if the tank had already achieved elite rank veterancy (double rank unit) because elite and it's higher counterpart rank heroic veterancy (triple rank unit) grants self health regeneration upon gaining the rank but the firing rate speed boost still add effects for the overlord which the only remains useful from the speaker tower add-on upgrade when the elite to heroic ranks are achieved, and the health regeneration ability still useful for the surrounding nearby allied units within the vehicle.
    • Battle Bunker - converts the tank to a semi structure stationary mobile unit that allows 5 soldiers to garrison the tank to provide more defense for the vehicle.
  • if nuclear tank and uranium shells upgrades are researched, it will have radiation status effect and gives the tank with nuclear shells from uranium shell upgrade, when it fires it's shells it gives radiation damage effect to it's target that reduces health over time and when exploded, it leaves a small radiation area effect that will harm enemies if near to the tank when destroyed.

Cons (Unit Disadvantages):

  • slow speed moving land vehicle unless it has nuclear tank upgrade which gives the tank more 25% speed than usual.
  • Expensive unit to acquire, it will require a lot of war fund money to produce in numbers.
  • despite of having intense damage against any types of enemy vehicles and base defenses, the tank's armor is thin and fragile, making it an easy quick destroying target to missile armed units.
  • Slow turning turret greatly reduces survivability, extra flank protection almost always needed.
  • Weak against a group of missile armed infantry or any other swarm units that deal explosions to vehicles.
  • cannot outrun hit and run tactics such as suicidal attacks.
  • Vulnerable to vehicle crew killer units.
  • Penetrable to vehicle thieves without detection ability from upgrades.
  • Nuclear reactor causes considerable collateral damage on destruction, unless Isotope Stabilization (exclusive to Tao in Zero Hour) is researched.

Selected Quotes

Are you ready?
- When emerging from the War Factory
This is the Overlord Tank.
- When selected
It is time.
- When selected
What do you need?
- When selected
I am big.
- When selected
Overlord is waiting.
- When selected
Extra large.
- When selected
Overlord moving.
- When moving
Nothing in our way.
- When moving
What is next?
- When moving
In a moment.
- When moving
I am in control.
- When moving
This better be good.
- When moving
It won't be long.
- When moving
I will finish this.
- When ordered to attack
I will take care of it.
- When ordered to attack
I see.
- When ordered to attack
They will beg for mercy.
- When ordered to attack
This will be over, soon.
- When ordered to attack
Is that all?
- When ordered to attack
They are puny.
- When ordered to attack
I will crush.
- When ordered to run over
They are nothing.
- When ordered to run over
Smooth it out.
- When ordered to run over
Leave, now.
- When unloading
- When unloading
Bunker is empty.
- When unloading
Bunker will be ready soon.
- When ordered to upgrade with Battle Bunker
Speaker tower will be ready soon.
- When ordered to upgrade with Speaker Tower
Gatling cannon will be ready soon.
- When ordered to upgrade with Gatling Cannon
Bunker is ready.
- After upgraded with Battle Bunker
Speaker tower is ready.
- After upgraded with Speaker Tower
Gatling cannon is ready.
- After upgraded with Gatling Cannon



  • The Overlord Tank's Design appearance may had been inspired by the MKII Grizzly Mammoth Tank from HALO series.
  • The tank was supposed to be a US Faction unit, it's early design is what to become now as the Crusader tank of the US Faction, the crusader tank early design was changed into a different one which was smaller and look more quite single armored tank compared to overlord's design, the crusader initially replaced Overlord Tank's role in the US Faction as the MBT,  so it was then was transferred and given to china instead as one their main battle tanks.
  • the vehicle could had been also derived from Ratte, a depiction proposed concept of a large 1000 ton super heavy tank of the nazi germany during the second world war.

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