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AF Gameicon The following is based on the missions of The Aftermath and might contradict canon.

Acting on misinformation we've provided, the Soviets have sent a division into our area to deal with what they think is a heavy weapons facility. It's not -- it's a fake, but we want them to be believe it's real.

Defend our fake base until reinforcements can arrive to assist you. When they arrive, destroy their Radar Dome to prevent further reinforcements, then finish them off.
- Mission briefing

PAWN is the ninth and final Allied mission in the Aftermath expansion.[1]


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The player cannot build Helipads or Longbow Apaches despite being able to in Harbor Reclamation and Absolute M.A.D.ness.

  • Tip 1) There is an orange truck in the village destroy it and get a creat with money.
  • Tip 2) There is an oil fiels right over the fake base destroying it and get crate with money.
  • Tip 3) There is a church in the left site of the map, destroy it and get a crate with money.
  • Tip 4) Get your units to the area around the church and get 2 medium tanks, 2 lite tanks and a mechanic reinforcements.
  • Tip 5) Use the reinforcements from tip 4 to destroy the 3 airports.



Retaliation Poland debriefing
Retaliation Allied ending


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