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Pacific Tiberium Control Network Hub
One of the three hubs to control Tiberium and align to Threshold 19
Location Guam island, Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Tiberium Control Network Hub, more commonly referred to as the Pacific Hub, was one of three TCN nodes of critical importance to the network. It was located on the island of Guam.


The Pacific Hub was one of three Hubs, the others being located in the Arctic and New Adana. The alignment of all three hubs was critical to the alignment of the entire Tiberium Control Network, necessary in order for Kane to activate Threshold 19.


By the time of the Ascension Conflict the construction of the Pacific Hub was almost completed. The hub became a target of contention after GDI forces loyal to Col. Louise James hijacked the Hub and prevented it from interfacing with Kane's network. Kane quickly moved to take back the Hub, but Gideon's Separatist forces simultaneously launched his own attack on the area, determined to destroy it. Kane's forces dispatched both GDI and Separatist forces, and Kane took back the Pacific Hub and realigned it with the rest of the Network.