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We'll put them to rest!
- Pacifier FAV

The FTC-X3 "Pacifier" Field Artillery Vehicle, or Pacifier FAV for short, was a hover multi-mode vehicle used by the Allies in Red Alert 3: Uprising.


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Ready to siege.
- Pacifier FAV, switching to Grand Cannon mode

The Pacifier had two operating modes. In mobile form it was propelled by four independently-articulating hoverlifts and armed with two 7.62mm miniguns; the lifts gave good all-terrain and amphibious mobility. The miniguns were sufficient against infantry. Deploying the two 150mm artillery Grand Cannon required the Pacifer entrench using the lifts as stabilizers. The transformation was handled by the "Turnkey" deployment mechanism.

Artillery targeting was through a holoscanned designator which forewarned the target area of an impending barrage. Each volley could fire multiple proprietary FutureTech collider-bomblets. The projectile dispersion ensured the target area was saturated. The bomblets were effective against all manner of ground targets.

Deployment history[]

In Raid on Lost Castle, it was revealed that the construction of these vehicles was accomplished with the aid of captured Soviet scientists who were forced to develop a long range artillery mechanism for use by the Allies.

In the Imperial perspective of the Uprising, Crown Prince Tatsu ordered the Imperial commander to hijack four of the Pacifier FAVs from an Allied outpost to ambush the invading Soviet fleet from Oki Island.

The Allies also made use of them against the Imperial Commander Takara Sato and, after defeating her, Prince Tatsu when he turned on the Allies during that same battle.

Pacifier FAVs were brought in to forcefully put down a prison riot in Camp Dakota on Guam island. However, they were destroyed in turn by the instigator Yuriko Omega.

Game unit[]




  • Our preparations are complete!


  • Pacifier!
  • We must be prudent!
  • Under control!
  • They have it coming!
  • Nothing to worry about!
  • They will comply!
  • We'll put them to rest!
  • We will settle this!
  • We'll put an end to this!
  • Got some fun?


  • Confirmed!
  • As planned!
  • To the next!
  • We move!
  • Reposition!
  • Proceed!
  • We will find them.
  • Complying.
  • Understood!


  • Striking range set!
  • Clear the grounds!
  • Set to deploy!
  • Ready to siege!


  • Soften their will!
  • They're right here!
  • Again!
  • Now!
  • There's one!
  • Eliminate them!

Attacking when deployed[]

  • Cripple them!
  • We'll put a stop to this!
  • A show of force!
  • Erase them!
  • They had their chance!
  • Put 'em down!
  • No one is overlooked!
  • Watch as they buckle.
  • Pacify them!
  • We have his name!
  • Let's make ourselves clear!

Move to Attack[]

  • They won't go far!
  • It's them!
  • We have them locked!
  • Shut them down!
  • This will be satisfied!
  • They won't matter soon!
  • We know who they are!

In combat[]

  • Wear them out!
  • It has begun!
  • They weaken!
  • It's not over!
  • They can't win!
  • They're on the list!


  • Let them go!
  • Integrity must be preserved!
  • Make them follow!
  • We will return!

Under fire[]

  • Little brats!
  • They strike?!
  • Who is responsible for this?!
  • They persist?!
  • A mistake on their part!


  • The Pacifier's need to deploy into an immobile long-range artillery platform bears straight resemblance to Juggernaut and Artillery, however unlike them, Pacifier is not defenseless when not deployed. Also, with it's ability to hover it resemble Hover MLRS.
  • In some ways, the Pacifier also resembles the Soviet Siege Chopper in Yuri's Revenge — an advanced all-terrain artillery piece, armed with machine guns to take out infantries as well as light units when mobile, and have to deploy into a stationary howitzer turret to enable its main armament. However, the Pacifier is a hovering vehicle rather than a traditional helicopter.
  • Even though the Pacifier's cannons can be pointed upward, it cannot target aircraft.
  • The Pacifier is an unusual artillery unit in the C&C franchise - it has decent speed and armor, defense for repelling threats at close range and amphibious capabilities.
  • Strangely, Pacifier fires five rounds per salvo from its twin-barreled cannons, instead of four or six.



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