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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country in southern Asia, bordering India, China, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Red Alert universe[]

During the Second World War, the Soviet Union maintained a command post in its capital of Karachi, indicating that Pakistan may have been allied with the Soviet bloc.[1]

During the Third World War, Pakistan appears blue on the map at the beginning of the campaign. However, the country came under Soviet control the same time as the Allied liberation of St. Louis. The Allies however, regained control of Pakistan by the time of the assault on Moscow.

Tiberium universe[]

During the First Tiberium War, Pakistan was aligned with GDI.[2] By 2047, the northern part of Pakistan, including Kashmir, the North-West Frontier and Punjab, is part of Blue Zone B-18, with the rest being designated part of Yellow Zone Y-2.[3]

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