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The Palace was the GLA's upgrade structure in Command & Conquer: Generals and its expansion, Zero Hour.

Game Structure[]

The Palace doubles as both a Tech and Defensive structure. It enables production of advanced GLA units, structures, and upgrades.

In its defensive role, it can garrison up to five infantry units, protecting them against most building-clearing attacks, notably Chinook's Ranger Combat Drops, Dragon Tanks, Toxin Tractors, Flashbangs and Toxin Rebels. However, it cannot protect its garrison against Neutron shells from Nuke cannons and Stealth Fighters with Bunker Busters.


Gla fortifiedstructure Fortified Structure
(Zero Hour only)
Upgrades armor type for all Palaces Purchasable at any Palace for a cost of $1000.
ZH Camo Netting Icons Camo Netting
(Zero Hour only)
The Palace gains stealth. Purchasable at Prince Kassad's palace for a cost of $500.

Upgrades available from the palace[]

Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 Arm the Mob Icons Arm the mob Increases firepower of angry mobs by giving them AK-47 rifles
ZH Fortified Structure Icons Fortified Structure
(Zero Hour only)
Upgrades armor type for Command Centers, Palaces, Supply Stashes, Arms Dealers and Barracks
Gen1 Camouflage Icons Camouflage
(GLA only)
Gives rebels the ability to stealth (this is enabled by default for Prince Kassad's stealth rebels)
ZH Demolition Icons Demolition
(Rodall Juhziz only)
Allows all units and base defenses to self-destruct
Gen1 Anthrax Shells Icons Toxin shells
(GLA only)
Arms Scorpion and Marauder tanks with toxin-laced shells
Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons Anthrax Beta
(GLA and Prince Kassad only)
An improved toxin variant for all toxin-based weapons (this is enabled by default for Dr. Thrax)
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons Anthrax Gamma
(Dr. Thrax only)
A further improved toxin variant for all toxin-based weapons


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