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For the Allied tank of the same name, see Paladin tank (Red Alert iOS).

An advanced prototype, the Paladin tank fires a jet-assisted shell and automatically targets enemy missiles with its small, powerful laser. Still in development, the laser has a slow rate of fire, so the Paladin should be used with other anti-air defensive systems. Upgrades can improve armour and add a Scout or Battle Drone. The Composite Armor upgrade is developed at the Strategy Center.
- Generals manual(src)

The Paladin Tank was an advanced American main battle tank during the GLA Conflict.


An advanced prototype tank, the Paladin tank fired jet-assisted shells, and was armed with a point-defense laser. The laser was capable of intercepting missiles, and could also be used as a makeshift anti-infantry weapon, but had a slow rate of fire due to it still being in development. It could be equipped with composite armor and an aerial drone.

Game unit[]



A welcome addition.
- Paladin upgrading with a Battle Drone

Drones can be further upgraded with Drone Armor.



It will be an honor.
- Paladin Tank attacking.

Despite being costlier than most other tanks, the Paladin fared better against rocket-toting infantry and was by no means slow or cumbersome for its class. Often, the Paladin is used as a Scorpion deterrent, as its Point Defense Laser can nullify incoming Scorpion rockets, minimizing the losses incurred on its side of the shootout. Its double-duty capabilities also make it favorable for removing SCUD launchers and their ballistic missiles. On a lesser role, Paladins serve as close-range fire support against infantry, as the Point Defense Laser is potent for killing infantry in one to two hits.


Doing what's right.
- Paladin Tank attacking.

For a unit that costs one promotion point to unlock, the Paladin still has some significant drawbacks.

The Paladin's laser is not completely foolproof. It proves to be effective active protection system against missiles and rockets, but it remains at mercy of units that do not utilize said projectiles. It also has a poor ROF, so the outcome of any engagement depends greatly on the amount of units on both sides. A large number of Paladins will be effectively invulnerable to missiles, but they will fall quickly if even one slips by.

In open combat, the Paladin's slow speed proves to be a major hinderance, since it is unable to outrun enemy artillery and aircraft, often proving to be no better than the Crusader.

Unconventional warfare such as vehicle theft and crew-killing is also a problem for Paladins. Jarmen Kell, Nuke cannon and Neutron mines can all defeat the Paladin without destroying it, allowing their own commanders to appropriate the vehicle.



Cut Laser Paladin quotes[]


  • There are several discrepancies between the cameo and the game unit, including the detailed turret, some model differences and the red point defense laser.
  • In older unpatched skirmish games, the Paladin's laser occasionally destroyed launched Chinese nuclear missiles, usually in one shot. The turrets also bent sometimes.
  • As none of the specialized USA Generals employ normal tanks, the Paladin is unavailable to the player during most of the General's Challenge. However, the final boss, Leang, does have access to it. Should she choose to spend a promotion point and starts producing it, these Paladins can be appropriated with help from Jarmen Kell or the Nuke Cannon's Neutron Shells.
  • Originally, Townes was to have his own unique version of Paladin Tank, but it was cut in the final game. The tank is still present in the game files though, and can be placed on a map via map editors.
  • In real life, the M109 "Paladin" is a self-propelled howitzer, not a tank, with caseless manual loading and not designed for actual frontline engagement.
  • Synonymous with the Paladin tank's Point Defense Laser, real-life modern tanks like the IDF Merkava Mk. 3 and 4 employ the use of Trophy systems which function by launching projectile countermeasures to intercept incoming anti-tank missiles or shells detected within its radar, preventing the vehicle from being hit.

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