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For the USA Paladin Tank, see Paladin tank (Generals).

The Paladin tank is an Allied main battle tank used during the Post-war Crisis.


Following the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the Allied armoured divisions had proven to be effective against their enemies. However, Allied generals realized that the Grizzly tanks were indeed to weak if compared to the Soviet tanks such as the Rhino tank, and this cost the lives of many tank pilots who were crushed by the Soviet armoured divisions.

For this reason, the Allies decided to develop a tank that was able to stand a chance against heavy armour, and thus, the Paladin tank entered in service during the Post-war Crisis.

Game unit

The Paladin tank is more advanced model than the older Grizzly MBTs since it has demonstrated to have decent speed, and the capacity to win encounters with other types of tanks. If compared to the Soviet Heavy tank that entered service during the Post-war Crisis, the Paladin was able to defeat it in a one-on-one match, giving a big advantage to the Allies. While groups of Paladin tanks were a force to be reckoned with, they were seen to be vulnerable against aircraft, and infantry armed with anti-tank weapons.

Due to the events that led to the War of the Three Powers, this tank was erased from the history. Instead, the Allies were left with a similar design called Guardian tank. Though the Guardian Tank's laser range finder gave it an edge in destroying targets, it was found to be weaker than the new Soviet MBT: the Hammer tank.


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