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For the similar support power in Red Alert 3, see Balloon bombs.

Dropped from Badger Bombers, these explosives fall in a line over their target, removing the object targeted and anything in the area around it. Troops can see these falling and will attempt to leave the targeted area.
- Red Alert manual(src)

Parabombs were a Soviet support power deployed from Tupolev Tu-16 bombers. They were explosive devices strapped to miniature parachutes that were dropped over a given area and slowly descended down, detonating on contact with the surface.

When an Allied spy infiltrates an airfield they get single use parabombs.


DOS English French German
RA DOS Parabombs icon.png RA1 Parabombs Icons.gif RA Parabombs FR cameo.png RA Parabombs DE cameo.png

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