TO: Field Commander S7

FROM: Soviet Command


We received this garbled transmission from a scout group sent into a suspected Allied test site:


All... te.t area di..overed! Chronos... test g... crazy! Weapons... effected by... air units inop... Area! Ch...osphere must be affect...


You are to investigate this. If the Chronosphere is indeed behind it, this is a perfect opportunity to capture it. See that it happens.
- Mission briefing

Paradox Equation is the penultimate mission in Counterstrike during a Soviet campaign.


A Chronosphere has caused dimensional anomalies in an area, causing both Allied and Soviet weapons to function in strange and unexpected ways. The Soviets have decided to take advantage of the situation and attempt to capture the Chronosphere.

Special Effects

Light Tank: Mammoth Tank

Medium Tank: Fast firing

Artillery: Increased range

V2 Rocket Launcher: Nuclear missile launched

Heavy Tank: Tesla Coil

Rifle Infantry: Pillbox machine gun

Rocket Soldier: Double rockets

Grenadier: Firebombs

Flamethrower: Double fire

Mammoth Tank: Cannons replaced with flamethrowers

Cost changes

Rifle Infantry: Cost changed from $100 to $200

Heavy tank: Cost changed from $950 to $1500

Mammoth tank: Cost changed from $1700 to $1200


Red Alert Missions
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