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CS Gameicon The following is based on the missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

TO: Field Commander S7

FROM: Soviet Command


We received this garbled transmission from a scout group sent into a suspected Allied test site:


All... te.t area di..overed! Chronos... test g... crazy! Weapons... effected by... air units inop... Area! Ch...osphere must be affect...


You are to investigate this. If the Chronosphere is indeed behind it, this is a perfect opportunity to capture it. See that it happens.
- Mission briefing

Paradox Equation is the penultimate mission in the Counterstrike Soviet campaign.[1]


A Chronosphere has caused dimensional anomalies in an area, causing both Allied and Soviet weapons to function in strange and unexpected ways. The Soviets have decided to take advantage of the situation and attempt to capture the Chronosphere.

Special effects[]


  • Despite the fact that air units are not available, as can be made out from the briefing, Allied Chinooks can be seen flying over the main base on approach to drop infantry on the island with the Chronosphere. Neither this nor the exact reason why the dimensional anomalies from the Chronosphere specifically rendered other air units inoperable is explained.
  • The location shown on the mission selection screen in Red Alert - Retaliation seems to place it near Târgoviște or Bucharest, Romania


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