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Paralysis Whip

Paralysis Whip in Effect

- Rocket Angel using the whip
RA3 Paralysis Whip Icons

Paralysis whips are secondary weapons that Rocket Angels can switch to. The beam disables any ground and naval unit (including emerged submarines), leaving them as an immobile target for other units. The weapon could technically be considered a cross between Stasis Ray and weapon jammer, combining both effects.

Unlike "Scramblegun weapon jammer" though, it cannot target base defences.


The paralysis whip instantly removes the hit unit's field efficiency as it becomes as mobile as a brick. The weapon could be used on all ground and naval units without exceptions, with best potential at anti-aircraft, commandos and heavy vehicles. Proven to be an extremely useful paralytic weapon of its own, the whip requires a good micro management to stop a number of enemies as Rocket Angels could just focus fire the closest (and probably, the least valuable) unit that gets in sight. Also the weapon by itself is harmless and will need another offensive support if the player wishes to shoot static foes. In addition, Paralysis whip works on grounded aircraft (e.g recharging Vindicator) just as well. 


  • If Rocket Angels switch onto multiple enemies quick enough, they could sometimes stretch their beams to ridiculous lengths and paralyze it (mostly a random one) way across the map, with the effect still persisting (Only seen bots doing that so far).


  • Affected infantry will play out the same animation as when stunned by an Attack Dog or War Bear roars.
  • The mechanism behind this contraption may best explained as a joint electrical inducted wires which entangle unit and deliver a stun effect to target. The wire is somewhat very durable and flexible enough to penetrate any vehicle and "touch" their motoric coupling, imbued it with electrical shock with the result comparable with Terror Drone's statis ray. The electric current is not powerfull enough to induce wounds to infantry (barely enought to paralyze). Air units cannot be targeted as they do not provide "ground" for electric induction.
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