25px-Disambig This article is about the Tiberium Alliances turret. For other uses of "Particle Cannon", see Particle Cannon.

The particle cannon is an anti-air turret which only spawns in the Forgotten Fortress. It has a very long attack range, this defensive structure resembles to the Nod Beam Cannon, but ridiculously overranged and overpowered, plus it's strong agaisnt air units which makes the turret more deadly.

A good counter to this unit are Anti-Structures infantry like Commandoes or Rocket Squads, a Kodiak or an Salamander work too, but the unit will be destroyed in combat quickly for being overranged. A group of 3 firehawks are enough to bring the turret down. Using a Specter fully upgraded will do well too. But must be at the same level to make a stand against the turret.

Range: 3.5.

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