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Particle Cannon
Affiliation TiberiumAlliances Forgotten.png The Forgotten
Role Long-range turret structure
Armor type Structure
Attack range 3.5
25px-Disambig.png This article is about the Tiberium Alliances defense. For other uses of "Particle Cannon", see Particle Cannon.

The Particle Cannon is an anti-air defense which only spawns in the Forgotten Fortress.

Game building

The Particle Cannon has a very long attack range, similar to the the Nod Beam Cannon. However the Particle Cannon ridiculously over-ranged and overpowered, plus it is strong against air units which makes the turret more deadly.

A good counter to this unit are anti-structure infantry like Commandos or rocket squads. A group of three Firehawks or Vertigoes are enough to bring the turret down. Using a fully upgraded Juggernaut or Specter would do well too, but they must be at the same level to do significant damage against the Particle Cannon.


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