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Party Crashers is second GDI mission in the Firestorm campaign. It takes place after the Second Tiberium War, during period called the Firestorm Conflict.[1]

EVA briefing[]

We have lost communication with a small civilian settlement nearby. Incoming messages from our remote base indicate an attack from unidentified life forms. Investigate these sightings and protect the civilians at all costs. Escort as many civilians as possible to the pickup zone for immediate evacuation.


  • First Objective: Protect the small clusters of civilians and escort them to the designated airlift zone.
  • Second Objective: Defend the base from attacks until reinforcements arrive.


GDI had managed to secure the Tacitus from the crashed Kodiak. However multiple Tiberium lifeforms have been detected rampaging across different GDI colonies. One such colony had already been wiped out by the hostile fauna. EVA directed the Firestorm Taskforce commander to protect colony 3 and destroy all Tiberian lifeforms to protect the civilians and the GDI base until reinforcements arrived.


The only enemies you will face in this mission are Tiberium wildlife: visceroids, Tiberian fiends, and a new specimen, Tiberian floaters. However, despite this limited array of opposition, the player should not underestimate them - a single Tiberian fiend or Floater can defend a Titan or your Vulcan Cannon defences if they are not supported. It is best to have numbers on your side when fighting them. It's not a bad idea to have a single Titan stay behind each Vulcan Cannon tower, to provide additional defensive firepower.

Titans will do a much better job of countering the Tiberian lifeforms than Wolverines or infantry, so it's best to spend most of your credits accordingly. Build up a force of Titans to venture out - at least five would be the minimum, preferably more. You do not have a construction yard so do not allow any of the production facilities to be destroyed. The lifeforms will attack in four waves to attack four civilian settlements - first the southeast, then the northwest, then the northeast, then the southern city. It isn't necessary to protect the structures, but your objective is to keep the civilians alive. Move your group of Titans in to clear out the Tiberium lifeforms; once each wave is destroyed, escort the surviving civilians to the evacuation point, which is just northeast of your base.

One alternative tactic is to keep your Titans in the base (ideally just behind the gates and Vulcan towers), and have a single Wolverine whose job it is to venture out towards the Tiberian lifeforms, fire a single shot at them to get their attention, and then immediately retreat back into your base, drawing the Tiberian lifeforms into your defences.

After the last wave is destroyed and the last civilians are evacuated, the lifeforms will come from all fronts will proceed to attack your base directly. Defend your three entrances with your units until reinforcements arrive.

Eventually, you will receive reinforcements consisting of a few drop pod infantry, and soon thereafter, several dropships containing a large number of Titans and Wolverines, plus a few Hover MRLS, two Disruptors and an MCV.


Just as it seemed like the situation was not going to get any more worse for GDI, more bad news arrived - Tratos had been assassinated by Nod forces, despite the heavy GDI presence to protect him. As the news spread, the mutants were outraged at their leader's death and blamed not just GDI but the civilians who had shunned them for being physically different. Riots started to spread out between the mutants and the civilians, and GDI was forced to quell the uprising.





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