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Passage of Centuries is the third Mission of the Allied Campaign of the Red Alert iPhone Game.

The player must destroy Soviet Air Defenses to help Aircraft pass.


Lt. Eva discovered that the Russian front was thinner than she thought. She instructed the commander to eliminate a Soviet base nearby and create a breach that will cut the Soviet forces in two. Lt Eva then told the commander that their 1st step is to break the current line of defence.


Your base will be overrun and bombed, so evacuate and sell everything. But first send a prospector to the mine to the east and two engineers to the hospital and academy to the east. It could be helpful to keep a spare prospector to capture another mine up in the northeast later.

Set up the new base, it will be limited, you should be able to put up a construction yard, two powerplants and a boot camp, at least. Train legionaires and flak troops, as many as possible, to overrun the enemy positions to the east and northeast, you can now take over another mine if you like. Push through the anti aircraft batteries from east to west. The bridge will probably collapse as your troops pass under it, be careful. Mop up the remaining batteries and procede from northwest to northeast to destroy everything until you are victorious.

There may be another strategy, but I couldn't find it.

Valuable Assets

1.A Hospital to the West of the base.

2. An Academy in the Narrow path to the Northern Base.

3. Reactors and a Refinery in the Path to the Flak Cannons (Guarded by Conscripts and Flak Troopers)


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