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Pavements, most often made from concrete, are widely used in modern construction, as a way of providing foundations for building as well as preventing explosives from creating craters in the ground.

In the Second Tiberium War, GDI military bases around the world found themselves vulnerable not only to Tiberium infestation but also from subterranean APCs and combat vehicles developed by Nod. Pavements offered a degree protection from attacks by these vehicles, as the drills of these vehicles cannot penetrate the concrete. Certain types of vehicles move faster while on Pavement.

From threats above or on the ground, Pavement also has some effect. It prevents permanent, tile-height-deforming craters from forming, and slows the spread of Tiberium crystals across its surface. Pavement also offered some protection from certain invasive Tiberium lifeforms. It, however, cannot do anything to slow or stop a Veinhole's growth.

Wheeled vehicles like the Harvester receive a noticeable speed boost while travelling through pavement. However, this obviously doesn't apply to walkers like the Titan, nor hovering vehicles such as the Hover MLRS.

It has a 4×4 footprint and, unlike all other structures, can be built even if some of those tiles are unbuildable. If this is the case the buildable tiles are laid down anyway. It is also unique in that other structures can be built on top of it and units can pass over it freely.



Pavements fell out of service following the Firestorm Crisis. However, they were used in fortified GDI bases around the world.

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