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Ready sir, where's the trouble?
- Peacekeeper rolling out of the boot camp

Peacekeepers are the Allies' basic infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and its expansion, Uprising.


Main article: Peacekeeper/Profile

While debate rages on about who fired the first shots of the war between the Soviet Union and the Allied nations, the Soviet offensives forced the Allies into a defensive posture. The use of Pacekeeper divisions, once used to bring order to war-torn nations, represents this shift. More riot police than regular soldiers, Peacekeeprs are few in number, but boast superior equipment and training in an effort to halt the Soviet expansion.

The program is a result of a collaboration between the United States Army, New York City Police, and select Allied aides and strategists. The resulting divisions were controversial at first. The program called for deploying peacekeeping forces, equipped with gear emphasising protection of civilians and each other, pitting them against Soviet conscripts.

Critics of the program were silenced when Peacekeepers distinguished themselves in battle. Their Legion riot shields and heavy body armor proved effective against small-arms fire, allowing Peacekeepers to hold the line against Soviet attacks, while the Belgian Grummond-8 pump-action shotguns demonstrated their effectiveness against poorly armored conscripts. The Peacekeepers quickly became the backbone of Allied infantry operations, with training headquarters at Fort Bradley in New York City coordinating field training efforts ever since their adoption.

Peacekeepers remain practically anonymous, in no small part due to the visors obscuring their facial features. The few who were permitted to give interviews demonstrated bravery and modesty in interactions with others. This professionalism translates into upstanding battlefield conduct and helps Peacekeepers accomplish their many dangerous responsibilities, including evacuating civilians from potential war zones. In fact, Peacekeepers were only authorized to use deadly force against foes such as the conscripts, and the Allies have committed to strictly enforcing this yet never had to. Finally, all Peacekeepers carry a registered organ donor sticker on their ID tags, emphasizing their selfless dedication.


RA3 Shotgun Icons.png
Shotgun The Peackeepers' shotguns are highly effective against most ground targets, namely infantry, though they are no less effective against enemy structures and light vehicles. However, they lose effectiveness at longer ranges, and so for maximum effectiveness, must be at close range within their targets.
RA3 Riot Shield Icons.png
Riot Shield By equipping their riot shields, Peacekeepers can greatly increase their armour against all attacks. However, this ability makes them move extremely slowly, and they must holster their weapon to do so. In this state, they can clear enemy garrisoned civilian structures should enter one.

Game unit

The shotguns of Peacekeepers are most effective up close, and can even knockdown enemy infantry at close range. They also deal splash damage, making them effective against groups of infantry. One tactic when using Peacekeepers is to close in the distance with the enemies using riot shields, and then switch to shotguns to finish them off. However, it should be noted that Peacekeepers move at half the speed in riot shield mode, are much more vulnerable to Explosive type attacks (e.g. Conscript's molotov cocktails), and are extremely vulnerable against attacks from their back.

Their shields can protect them from the melee attacks of attack dogs, war bears, Shinobis, and Imperial warriors, and make them significantly more resistant against sniper type damage, such as Shinobi shurikens and Natasha's sniper rounds.

Tanks will crush them no matter if their shields are up or not.

Peacekeepers will defeat imperial warriors and conscripts easily.

Peacekeepers are available starting in mission Ride of the Red Menace.


  • Red Alert 3 beta patch 1.3:
    • hit points reduced to 150 from 200
    • now does more damage when up close than when far away
    • damage reduced to 40 at point blank, from 60, and 25 at max range, from 30
    • no longer immune to radiation damage when their shield is active
    • IFV + Peacekeeper should now be doing AUTO_CANNON damage.
  • Red Alert 3 beta patch 1.5: IFV + Peacekeeper damage reduced
  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.05: now has a counter-garrison cursor when hovering over valid civilian structure targets
  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.11: Multigunner turrets with Peacekeepers garrisoned have increased accuracy


Upon exiting the Boot Camp

  • Ready sir, where's the trouble?


  • What's the situation?
  • On alert!
  • Right here!
  • Talk to me!
  • Standing by!
  • Tactical unit!
  • Keeping the peace!
  • Peacekeeper, ready for contact!
  • Armed response!


  • On point!
  • En route!
  • That's affirmative!
  • 10-4, sir!
  • Confirmed!
  • Scanning perimeter!

Moving with shield

  • Slow and steady!
  • Keep it up!
  • Watch it now!
  • Move it forward!

Garrisoning Structure

  • Fort and cover!
  • Securing building!
  • Lock it down!


  • Contact!
  • Take 'em down!
  • Neutralize them!
  • Blow 'em away!
  • He's done!
  • I got 'em!
  • Waste 'em!

Clearing Garrisoned Structure

  • Breach it!
  • Set for clear!
  • Entry team go!

Move to Attack

  • Consider it done!
  • Securing area!
  • Hold it right there!
  • He's going down!
  • Tangos, dead ahead!
  • Clear for engagement!
  • We'll settle this!
  • Peace out!

In combat

  • They're not backing down!
  • We have to stop 'em!
  • Who's next?!
  • I've got your number!
  • Come a little closer!

Under fire

  • We're taking fire!
  • I've been hit!
  • Where's our backup?
  • What happened to peace?!!



Surveillance Footage


  • The Peacekeeper is the first RTS game unit in the Command and Conquer franchise to be armed with a shotgun.
  • Looking at the ability picture for switching the shotgun from the riot shield, it appears to be based on the Itaca 37. The HUD icon of Peacekeeper show It's using a pump-action shotguns resembling the Mossberg 500 Mariner Cruiser with wooden foregrip.
  • Due to a developer oversight, Peacekeepers do not say their clear garrison quotes when ordered to clear garrisoned structures. Instead, they say it when ordered to attack garrisoned structures with their shotguns.
  • In Rage of the Black Tortoise, one can find several neutral peacekeepers inside a donut shop. After approaching the donut shop the peacekeepers exit the shop, turn into blue peacekeepers and attack any enemy units nearby. The peacekeepers inside the donut shop might be a reference to real-life American policemen (sometimes called peacekeepers) that are known to favor donuts.

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