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Congratulations, fellow traveller, on your discovery of our secret compound... *Alarm sounds* Your markings betray you as a follower of the false Prophet; of Kane! Identify yourself or face the consequences!
- Marcion to LEGION's forces

Persuade Him is the third mission in Kane's Wrath. Assisted by loyal members of the Brotherhood of Nod, LEGION is tasked with capturing Brother Marcion.[1]


Having reclaimed the Brotherhood's stealth technology, Kane believed that it was now the time to bring Marcion back into the fold and ordered the mysterious Nod commander to attack Marcion's stronghold in Australia.

At first, Marcion welcomed the Nod commander's forces, apparently believing that they were a Nod splinter faction that had come to join him. However, upon realizing that the were followers of Kane, Marcion demanded them to identify themselves. When he was met with no response, he ordered his forces to destroy the intruders.

Marcion's stronghold was surrounded by pulse scanners placed by the Steel Talons, which they were somehow able to circumvent, and elite Black Hand units patrolled the area. In his hubris, he also ordered statues to be constructed in his likeness in his stronghold.

After Nod loyalist forces destroyed his stronghold, Marcion attempted to flee through a secret underground exit. However, loyalist Nod forces destroyed his escort and captured his transport, bringing him back to the evacuation point to be brought before Kane.

New units[]


(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty.)

The map is patrolled by a large number of Black Hand units, including Purifiers, Flame tanks, Scorpion tanks, Mantises, Confessor cabals, Black Hand squads, and fanatics. Other than the Mantises, none of these units have anti-air capabilities, so it is a good idea to construct an air tower and some Venoms as soon as possible.

KW Marcion blue tib

Path to the blue Tiberium field

There is a blue Tiberium field west of your starting location, so expanding there may be a good idea. The hill south of the Tiberium field can be traversed by vehicles, allowing you to move your starting units there to defend it. There is another blue Tiberium field to the north. However, it is right in the middle of Black Hand patrol routes. To the west of the first blue Tiberium field, there is a series of four Tiberium spikes.

There are five Steel Talons pulse scanners scattered throughout the map. If your units approach them, a countdown will start. Several Steel Talons units will enter the map if the scanner is not destroyed before the countdown finishes. You will need to find and destroy all five of them. Do not be afraid to trigger them, since doing so does not fail the bonus objective. The Steel Talons units may even take out some of Marcion's units for you.

At the start of the mission, construct two refineries near your starting Tiberium field to boost your economy, then surround the entrance to your base with Shredder turrets and laser turrets. Complement your defenses with some Venoms. Once your initial position is secure enough, expand to the blue Tiberium field to the west, then the western Tiberium spikes. Be sure to purchase the laser capacitors and Tiberium core missiles upgrades as soon as you can. Marcion may send Purifiers to attack you, counter them with your stealth tanks and capture them. They will be useful in your attack on Marcion's base.

KW Marcion forward base

Build a forward base on Marcion's doorsteps.

North of the western Tiberium spikes, there is a Tiberium field. This place is very close to the entrance of Marcion's main base, making it the perfect place to set up a forward base for the attack on Marcion's stronghold. Deploy an Emissary here and build some production structures for the main attack. Be sure to construct beam cannons for dealing with Marcion's defenses.

After wiping out Marcion's main force, do not destroy the stronghold yet. Instead, destroy the two Marcion statues near the stronghold, then move a stealth tank to the eastern cliff. Use the stealth tank to eliminate the last Marcion statue without having to deal with Marcion's heavily defended secondary base.

KW Marcion nigerundayo

Marcion's transport and escorts

After Marcion's stronghold is destroyed, he will escape from a bunker exit south of the stronghold in a unique transport, escorted by two Purifiers, three Scorpion tanks, three Mantises, and two raider buggies. Destroy the escort to bring the transport under your control. At this point, if you have completed all bonus objectives, the entire map should be safe. Simply order Marcion's transport to move to the signal flare near your base to complete the mission.




  • If the bonus objective to destroy all Steel Talons scanners is not compeleted before Marcion's transport is captured, they will send a strike team from the south (consisting of three Wolverines, two Titans, and a Mammoth tank) to attack the transport.


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