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For the Chinese commander, see Tsing Shi Tao.

Lt. Com. Peter Tao[1] was the base commander of Phoenix Base.



CNCTD Gray Logo The following is based on the Command & Conquer Story Bible and might contradict canon.

Peter Tao is a friend of McNeil's, a little younger than him, but old enough to attend the academy at more or less the same time.[1]

Second Tiberium War[]

When Nod forces, led by General Vega attack Phoenix Base, Tao's men put up a fight but were overwhelmed by Nod troops, with Tao soon reporting that all GDI forces had been destroyed.[2] Tao was captured and tortured for important information, before being executed by general Vega. The video of his execution was sent to the Kodiak and before the execution, Vega jeered at McNeil, Chandra, and Brink.[3]


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