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Petroglyph Games Inc., an independent game developer studio specialized in real-time strategy games, was founded on 1 April 2003 by several former Westwood Studios employees. By 2012, approximately 20% of the Petroglyph Games staff were former Westwood developers.[1]

Their first title was the 2006 Star Wars: Empire at War, a real-time strategy that took place both in space and on the surface of planets. Later in the year, the Forces of Corruption expansion pack was released.

From 2007, Petroglyph released games with different publishers, including SEGA, Ubisoft, and Greybox, while some were self-published. Their most notable titles were Universe at War: Earth Assault, Panzer General: Allied Assault, Guardians of Graxia, Rise of Immortals (renamed to Battle for Graxia before closure in 2013), and Grey Goo. They released and self-published 8-Bit Armies in 2016, followed closely by the Guardians DLC and mutually compatible standalone expansion packs, 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders. In 2018, they released Forged Battalion.

Petroglyph was also working on End of Nations until 2013, when the game was given to Trion and subsequently entered development hell. They also attempted to create a game called Victory through a kickstarter initiative, but failed to meet the goal. The second attempt in 2015, this time under the name of Victory Command, succeeded, but no news have been released and the official website is currently down.

On 14 November 2018, Petroglyph was announced to be involved in the Command & Conquer: Remastered and Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Remastered alongside Lemon Sky Studios, under the supervision of EA producer Jim Vessella.[2]

Games developed[]

Cancelled games[]

  • End of Nations
  • Victory
  • Victory Command
  • Strikers


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